(EN) About Calin Mihaileanu

Andrei Călin Mihăileanu, Ph.D. Engineering 

( March 5 , 1923 – November 26 , 2006)

Andrei Călin Mihăileanu was a personality in the field of Energy Engineering in Romania and in Europe. A talented and prolific engineer and researcher, leader and mentor, a man of culture, he was loved and respected by all those who knew him.

His prestigious professional career span over six decades. He established and led for almost 20 years the first national research institute for the electric energy industry in Romania –   ICENERG, later ICEMENERG.

ICENERG/ICEMENERG was the only research institute in Romania that covered the entire spectrum of the energy field, from the production of electricity and heat in conventional power plants, the transmission and distribution of electricity but also the use of new energy sources for the electricity generation.

He groomed many generations of researchers, many of whom then became themselves personalities in the field. He was very active in international professional associations, such as the World Energy Council  (WEC) and the International Council for Large Electrical System (CIGRE) . For 30 years, Călin Mihăileanu was part of the editorial council of the Romanian energy field professional magazine “Energetica”, where he contributed to the publication’s high professional standards. 

Călin Mihăileanu has published over 200 articles in Romanian and in international publications, has authored numerous presentations at national and international professional congresses and conferences,  and has been the author or co-author of numerous books.

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